Domestic Enrolment Form

1 Student Details
2 Caregiver details
5 Documentation

Please provide following documents with your enrolment application:

  1. Proof of 'Domestic Status', i.e. a copy of NZ Birth Certificate, Passport, Resident's Permit or similar.
  2. Copy of latest school report.
  3. Copy of Immunisation Records (generated from your doctor).
  4. Learning conditions document if applicable.

    All enrolled applications will receive an acknowledgement email with post-enrolment details.

    Student Details
    Address of student
    Note: if student resides between two addresses please ALSO complete secondary caregiver details on the next page.
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    PRIMARY CAREGIVERS (as at student's address)
    Primary Caregiver
    Primary Caregiver
    SECONDARY CAREGIVER (secondary residence - if applicable)
    SECONDARY CAREGIVER (secondary residence - if applicable)
    If parents are separated at whose address does the student normally reside?
    Payment of accounts - please indicate who will be responsible for the payment of school accounts
    Emergency Contact(s)
    Note the Emergency contacts must be different from the caregiver contacts.
    Health Information
    The ongoing health and wellbeing of your son is the reason we require the following information. Please answer all questions in full. All information on this form is for use by management, health professionals and counsellors only
    Consent to administer Paracetamol if required
    Consent to administer Ibuprofen if required
    Has your son had any of the following illnesses?(please mark if YES to any of the following)
    Medical Conditions(please mark if YES to the following questions)
    Immunisation / Vaccination InformationHas your son been fully vaccinated? If so please attach a copy of his records, generated from your doctor.
    Mental Health(Please mark if YES to the following questions)
    Learning Support Details - if applicable
    Has your son(please mark if YES to the following questions)
    How did you hear about Nelson College?
    Documents to be provided - upload the following documents or send to Nelson College.
    Enrolment Terms & Condtions

    Policies relating to this enrolment are available on the college website. For further clarification of any of the policies contact the Headmaster.

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    • I/we have read and understood the terms and conditions of the Nelson College Uniform Policy and agree that my son will abide by this policy.
    • I/we declare that the information supplied is true and correct and agree to observe the following conditions of enrolment.
    • For the purposes of the Privacy Act 1993, I hereby acknowledge and understand the terms and conditions.