Special Programmes

Special Programmes

Part of what makes our Nelson College Preparatory School so unique, is our ability to provide special programmes that extend and support students of all ability levels, and to customise these to individual students.

Encounter Programme

The ENCOUNTER programme supports the development of boys through outdoor experiential education.  It’s an integral part of the Nelson College Preparatory School curriculum.

The programme stimulates learning outside the college grounds and takes account of differing learning styles, with an emphasis on real life experiences and hands-on learning.


Our unique learning environment supports students at all academic levels and offers challenging enrichment programmes such as differentiated curriculum and streaming.


Our multi-faceted literacy programme uses class time, one-on-one tuition and computer-based learning to promote growth and confidence for all boys, from those in need to advanced readers.


Prep is proud to offer a diverse range of instrument lessons and band options to give our boys the best opportunity to engage in the musical life at Nelson College.

STEAM Programme

The STEAM programme is designed to help unlock every boys’ potential.

STEAM classes create a hands-on learning environment where students can develop their technological and program-solving skills.


Sport plays an important role in the all-round development of our students. We offer a range of individual, team and interschool school sporting opportunities.