Welcome from Director of International

Welcome to Nelson College.  A place for you to call home, to grow as a young man and start your legacy.

Our students come to us from around the world … Europe, Asia, America, South Pacific, Australia.   Each comes with their different goals and it has been my pleasure to support each young man in his journey at our school.

Nelson College is culturally diverse.  We welcome the special character that international students bring to our school.  We expect, and will support you to get fully involved in the wider co-curricular life of college through sports, arts and leadership.

Many of our students come to study in our high school programme to gain entry onto tertiary study.  Nelson College has a history of providing excellent academic environment for international students to succeed in their chosen academic pathway.  We also welcome students to come for a term or semester as an opportunity to learn, grow, travel and experience a new culture. 

I invite you to join the Nelson College community and experience the ‘kiwi’ lifestyle as you  study towards your long term academic goals.”

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‘“I remember my first birthday coming to Barnicoat House. I was nervous and missed home. I came to NZ with little English, but soon settled in and got used to life in Nelson College. I’m well supported by my teachers and friends. In the last few years, I have participated in many school activities. I’m in the school concert band, play many sports and have participated in many boarding events. I enjoyed my time here.”

– Saravavit Rungkasiri, Thailand