Learning Support

Learning Support

Nelson College recognises that not all students learn in the same way.

Our Learning Support Team works closely with teaching staff, parents, whānau, counsellors, year level Deans, outside agencies, and the wider community.

We are a small but dedicated team with over twenty years’ experience. Our goal is to work towards engagement, achievement, sustained participation, and increased confidence for our students at Nelson College.

Through a collaborative and cohesive approach, the academic and social well-being of our students is our top priority.  We have a range of support and assistance designed to help students achieve, including:

1. A supported learning class at years nine and ten
Students are invited to join this class in order to be in an environment with fewer students, differentiated curriculum, and a dedicated Learning Support Mentor for all core subjects (English, Social Studies, Science, Maths).

2. Small group withdrawal for literacy support
Students in years nine and ten who are having difficulties with literacy are invited to attend small group Lexia sessions.  These will occur during a supported core class to minimize disruption to learning.

3. Dyslexia and other specific diagnosed learning needs
We recognize that learning needs can have a significant impact on student achievement and wellbeing.  Our school is committed to supporting students through:

  • in-class support whenever possible from our Learning Support Mentors
  • mentoring by year 13 students and by our Senior Academic Committee
  • individualized learning programmes
  • learning pathways and course options
  • quiet spaces to learn and study when extra calm and focus are needed
  • Special Assessment Conditions (SACs), applied for assistance with reading or writing during internal and external assessments

4. ORS or ACC funded students
The needs of these students are considered severe enough that funding enables them to be fully mainstreamed with Learning Support mentor assistance.

5. Special Assessment Conditions (SACs)
These may be provided for students with recognized learning difficulties, physical disability, sight or hearing impairment, or a medical condition.  To be eligible for SACs, data to support the application is needed from either a registered assessor, or from school-based evidence.




Robert McHardy

Learning Support Co-ordinator


Deb Doherty

Learning Support Co-ordinator (Wed – Fri)


Getting in touch

Included in the enrolment form is a section entitled “Learning Support” that must be completed for students who require any form of learning support assistance.  Please note that any documentation from previous assessments must be included when enrolling.