Nelson College Trust Foundation

Nelson College Trust Foundation

Trust Foundation History

Established in 1978 the Nelson College Trust Foundation is an independent body established to recognise and involve Old Boys and supporters of Nelson College in the College’s pursuit of excellence.

The Foundation was restructured in 2009. Its current structure reflects the best practice models in place in New Zealand’s strongest state and independent schools and many universities throughout the world.

As a high performing school, Nelson College recognises the outstanding quality of its Old Boys and supporters and sees them as vitally important partners in the future development of the College.

Since its inception the Trust has received support from generous donors, these are administered by the Trust in accordance with the wishes of the donor or in support of specific projects. The Trust acknowledges and values the past donors and all those involved in the development of the Trust.

Trust Foundation Aims

The Nelson College Trust Foundation invites Old Boys and supporters to join Nelson College in support of excellence by contributing to an endowment fund to ensure the long term sustainability of the College, providing income for distribution to the College that is used to give the students facilities and opportunities that they would not get by relying on state funding.

Government funding cannot be relied upon to provide more than the basic requirements for the school. Raising these additional funds will enable the Trust to enhance the school facilities and programmes for all the College students.

The Trust Foundation provides the opportunity for Old Boys and supporters of the College to maintain their affiliation with the College whilst furthering the opportunities for the students of today and the future.



Nelson College Trust Foundation Members

The Trust comprises seven elected members (from the Nelson College Old Boys Executive, the Nelson College Board of Trustees, the Nelson College Parent Teacher Association and the Nelson College Staff), the Tumuaki (Headmaster).  Two independent trustees may be invited at the discretion of elected members to become trustees.



  • Judge Tony Zohrab – Chairman, Independent
  • Richard Dykes – Tumuaki
  • Manoli Aerakis – Nelson College Board of Trustees
  • Richard Smith – Nelson College Board of Trustees
  • John McCaul – Old Boys’ Association
  • Chris Harvey – Old Boys’ Association
  • Janine Pomeroy – Parent Teacher Association
  • Euan McIntosh – Parent Teacher Association


How you can contribute

Membership is open to all those individuals, businesses, trusts or corporations who wish to support Nelson College. By joining the Nelson College Trust Foundation, Old Boys’ and supporters can contribute to the Preserved Capital (Endowment) Fund, or support an individual project in the College in which they have a particular interest. Members can also support an exisitng individual donor fund.

Membership Classes

  • Associate Member– A gift or pledge up to $10,000
  • Member– A gift or bequest of between $10,000 and $40,000
  • Patron– A gift or bequest of between $40,000 and $100,000
  • Director– A gift or bequest of more than $100,000

How To Join The Nelson College Trust Foundation

Please contact the Headmaster to discuss the specific gift you have in mind.  Gifts can be directed to an existing individual donor fund or, with negotiation, to the establishment of a new fund, or can be directed to an immediate operational use within the College.




Funds In Action

Palmer Endowment Fund (established in 2007)

Donors: Sir Geoffry Palmer (1955-59) and John Palmer (1960-64)

This fund has contributed to establishing a “professional learning circles” model of staff professional development at the College. This is globally endorsed in the research literature as ‘best and exemplary practice in facilitating the improvement of teaching excellence’.

The Palmer Scholar fund in 2014 will be used this year to commission an independent school climate and cultural audit using Jon Winder (an Old Boy and Director at the Sephira Institute).

Krammer Sports Endowment Fund (established in 2009)

Donor: John Krammer (1947-50)

The fund has been established to encourage participation in the achievement of excellence at Nelson College. Beneficiaries of the fund are Nelson College students whose parents/caregivers have difficulty meeting the increased costs of their sons representing the College.




Lucy Jackson

Trust Foundation Liaison