Enrol at Nelson College

Enrol at Nelson College

We look forward to working with you and your son at Nelson College.  Our school offers a world-class education to the young men of Nelson.

We offer a wide range of academic and co-curricular opportunities for your son to grow and succeed, in a supportive and caring environment where it’s safe to mature as a young man.

Enrolment forms can be downloaded as PDF files, or you can enrol online. 


Enrolling During the Current Year

If you wish to enrol your son at Nelson College, contact our reception.  One of our Deans will contact you to discuss your application.

You must complete an enrolment application form.  This can be online or hard copy.  Hard copy applications should be dropped off at reception or mailed to:

Enrolment Application
Nelson College
Private Bag 16
Nelson 7040

Please ensure that you include the following documents with your enrolment application:

    1. Proof of ‘Domestic Status’, i.e. a copy of NZ Birth Certificate, Passport, Resident’s Permit or similar.
    2. Copy of latest school report.
    3. Copy of Immunisation Records (generated from your doctor).
    4. Learning conditions document if applicable.

All enrolled applications will receive an acknowledgement email with post-enrolment details.

“The Year 13’s, the group of young men that I’m proud to call my mates, we’ve had it all thrown at us and yet here we are standing tall with our heads held high as we prepare to move on to bigger things. It’s amazing to see even with everything that has gotten in the way how close we’ve become as a group.

 I’m proud of the men each of every one of you has become and getting to hand out the Leaver’s Certificates yesterday really hit that home for me. To all of you who have helped in some way to give this year some familiarity, your work did not go unnoticed and I can’t thank you enough for your support this year.”


Kaio L
Head Boy (2021)


Enrol in Boarding and International

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