Nelson College Old Boys

Nelson College Old Boys

The Nelson College Old Boys’ Association is an active and vital organisation with around 2000 members. The Association provides a valuable link between Old Boys and the College as well as support to individuals, groups and special initiatives to ensure that the future of Nelson College is a bright and prosperous one.

Members of the Executive of the Association meet monthly and Old Boys are involved at a regional level around New Zealand, with growing groups in many locations overseas.

Famous Old Boys include such eminent New Zealanders as Nobel Laureate Lord Ernest Rutherford and New Zealand Prime Ministers Sir Wallace Rowling and Sir Geoffrey Palmer.  Former students have gone on to be leaders in education, business, academia, science, the church, performing arts and the military service, represent New Zealand in sport and other pursuits, and in several cases to represent other countries in their chosen fields.



Lucy Jackson

Old Boys Liaison

Chris Harvey

President, NCOBA

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