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Front Field Upgrade – Adopt a Square

Shout out to all Old Boys and supporters of Nelson College

The Nelson College Old Boys Association has committed to upgrading the college’s Front Field. As many of you are aware, the field becomes almost unplayable in winter due to the existing drainage not working.

The Front Field is the showpiece and defining feature of the College grounds. We want a field that we are proud of and that is easily maintained.

We are excited to be taking on this major undertaking and we need your help to raise the necessary funds, alongside the grants we will receive from charitable foundations.

This is your chance to invest in the future of your college. We are giving you the opportunity to “Adopt a Square” on the Front Field. A typical rugby field has around 8,750 square metres, which, at $20 per Square, will reach our goal of $175,000.

With your help as an Adopter, we know we can meet this target. We have committed to the Headmaster and Board of Trustees that this upgrade will be completed at no cost to the college.


Adopt a square for just $20.00. You can adopt as many squares as you like.

Payment Methods:

  • Online banking directly into our bank account:


Please ensure you use your name and “field” as reference so we can identify your donation.


  • Credit Card

by completing a simple form online via the link below.


Together, we can all be proud of a Front Field that stands the test of time. We ask you to commit today and make a donation that will have a very real effect on the college. Let your mates know about this massive project and encourage them to contribute. Any funds raised over and above the project goal will go towards long term maintenance.

We will be sending out updates as the project progresses, so make sure your email is up to date.

Thank you in anticipation,


Chris Harvey, President Nelson College Old Boys’ Association 

Iain Graham, Project Leader, Nelson College Old Boys’ Association Executive

NB: Adopting a square does not constitute ownership of the actual ground.

Nelson College Old Boys

The Nelson College Old Boys’ Association is an active and vital organisation with around 2000 members. The Association provides a valuable link between Old Boys and the College as well as support to individuals, groups and special initiatives to ensure that the future of Nelson College is a bright and prosperous one.

Members of the Executive of the Association meet monthly and Old Boys are involved at a regional level around New Zealand, with growing groups in many locations overseas.

Famous Old Boys include such eminent New Zealanders as Nobel Laureate Lord Ernest Rutherford and New Zealand Prime Ministers Sir Wallace Rowling and Sir Geoffrey Palmer.  Former students have gone on to be leaders in education, business, academia, science, the church, performing arts and the military service, represent New Zealand in sport and other pursuits, and in several cases to represent other countries in their chosen fields.



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