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Nelson College offers an extensive sports program. There are over 25 sports on offer and most of these cater for all ages and abilities.  

We have specialised, dedicated coaches for many of our sports. Check out the individual sports tabs for more specific information about a particular sport. 

We compete in a range of events, at different levels –  House Sport, local weekly competitions, Tasman Secondary Schools, South Island Secondary Schools, NZ Secondary Schools. We have annual sports exchanges with Marlborough Boys College and Shirley Boys High School. 

We have close relationships with clubs for some codes eg: Rowing, Underwater Hockey, and Sailing. These clubs offer specialist coaching that we can’t provide at school. The boys will still compete in school competitions representing Nelson College. 

House Sport is an important part of the Nelson College tradition. There are lots of House events during the year including sports like cricket, volleyball, swimming, basketball etc along with House debating, House Singing, House Haka etc. It is a great way for boys to get involved in a range of activities. 

Please contact our sports office directly if you have any questions.

Sports Educators

Alethea Stove

Director of Sport

Brad Norris


Jamie Brown


Mark Cochrane


Alethea Stove


Junior Sports Academies

We provide high performance programmes that focus on all-round player development and specific skillsets to create pathways for students who want to compete at the highest level they choose.

Code Of Conduct

All Nelson College students and supporters are expected to adhere to the principles of fair play stated in the Nelson College Code of Conduct.

New Zealand Representatives

Read about Nelson College students who have represented New Zealand.

Colours Awards

Colours are awarded annually to our highest performing sportsmen at Nelson College to celebrate their commitment and achievement. Find out more below.

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