The Director of Boarding issues a newsletter each term, as well as staying in touch with students and whānau by social media.  Follow the links to download the latest newsletter.

Boarding Open Day

Saturday 7th May, 10.00am – 1.00pm

All prospective families and their son’s welcome to attend our annual Open Day. The day includes presentations by the Principal/Tumuaki, Director of Boarding, Sports Co-Ordinator followed by tours of the Boarding Houses and College facilities. Morning tea and lunch will be provided. 

Please register your interest if you would like to attend our Open Day for numbers or email if you would like further information.

Boarding Calendar

    TERM 1 2022 Begins on Tuesday 1st Feb and ends on Thursday 14th April.
    Sports Weekend begins Sunday 14 March
    Sports Sunday 2pm
    Commemorative Service (Hall) Sunday 5 pm
    Dinner (Inner Quad) Sunday 6 pm
    House Sports Monday 9am
    Boarding Parent Interviews

    Monday 1.30 – 3.30 pm (Main block A1 – A10)


    Summer Tournament Week 28 March to 1 April
    Holidays in Term 1

    Waitangi Day 7 February


    TERM 2 2022 Begins on Monday 2nd May and ends on Friday 8th July          
    Boarding Open Day

    Saturday 7 May – Prospective Parents 10am – 1pm


    Holidays in Term 2 Queen’s Birthday 6 June
    Matariki 24 June

    TOD 19 May TBC


    TERM 3 2022 Begins on Monday 25th July and ends on Friday 30th Sept
    Course Selection Evening Thursday 18 August tbc
    Winter Boarding Catch Up Friday 19 August
    Boarding Parent Interviews Friday 1.30 – 3.30 pm (Main block A1 – A10)
    Winter Concert (Hall) Friday 5pm
    Dinner (Dining Room)

    Friday 6pm


    Practice Exams TBC
    Winter Tournament Week 29 August to 2 September
    Holidays in Term 3

    TOD 22 August


    TERM 4 2022 Begins on Monday 17th Oct and ends on Thursday 8th Dec
    Old Mans Supper Tuesday 25 October
    Senior Prize Giving Wednesday 2 November TBC
    NCEA begins Monday 7 November
    New Ent Test/sleepover Friday 25 November
    Junior Prize Giving Thursday 8 December
    Holidays in Term 4                                  

    Labour Day 24 October