The Director of Boarding issues a newsletter each term, as well as staying in touch with students and whānau by social media.  Follow the links to download the latest newsletter.

Boarding Calendar

    TERM 1 2022 Begins on Tuesday 1st Feb and ends on Thursday 14th April.
    Sports Weekend begins Sunday 14 March
    Sports Sunday 2pm
    Commemorative Service (Hall) Sunday 5 pm
    Dinner (Inner Quad) Sunday 6 pm
    House Sports Monday 9am
    Boarding Parent Interviews

    Monday 1.30 – 3.30 pm (Main block A1 – A10)


    Summer Tournament Week 28 March to 1 April
    Holidays in Term 1

    Waitangi Day 7 February


    TERM 2 2022 Begins on Monday 2nd May and ends on Friday 8th July          
    Boarding Open Day

    Saturday 7 May – Prospective Parents 10am – 1pm


    Holidays in Term 2 Queen’s Birthday 6 June
    Matariki 24 June

    TOD 19 May TBC


    TERM 3 2022 Begins on Monday 25th July and ends on Friday 30th Sept
    Course Selection Evening Thursday 18 August tbc
    Winter Boarding Catch Up Friday 19 August – CANCELLED
    Boarding Parent Interviews Friday 1.30 – 3.30 pm (Main block A1 – A10)
    Winter Concert (Hall) Friday 5pm
    Dinner (Dining Room)

    Friday 6pm


    Practice Exams TBC
    Winter Tournament Week 29 August to 2 September
    Holidays in Term 3

    TOD 22 August


    TERM 4 2022 Begins on Monday 17th Oct and ends on Thursday 8th Dec
    Old Mans Supper Wednesday 26 October
    Senior Prize Giving Wednesday 2 November TBC
    NCEA begins Monday 7 November
    New Ent Test/sleepover Friday 25 November
    Junior Prize Giving Thursday 8 December
    Holidays in Term 4                                  

    Labour Day 24 October