Nelson College Board

Nelson College Board

Meeting Schedule of the Nelson College Board for 2023:

(Meetings are held in the College Scriptorium at 5.00 pm)

16th February 2023

16th March 2023

18th May 2023

15th June 2023

17th August 2023

14th September 2023

19th October 2023

16th November 2023

7th December 2023



To contact the Nelson College Board, please direct enquiries to:

Jacqui Maitland

Board Secretary

Board Members for 2023

Richard Smith

Parent Representative – Presiding Member

Deleece Hall

Parent Representative


Manoli Aerakis

Parent Representative

Guyon Janssen

Student Representative (elected 14/09/2023)

Tim Gall

Parent Representative

Vikki Heays

Staff Representative

Richard Dykes


Board Minutes

Click to open minutes (pdf)

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