Parent Information

Parent Information

Click on a box below to find out more about our day-to-day operations at Nelson College Preparatory School. 

All students are expected to be in their timetabled class at all times. Please inform the school of absences by either:

  • Emailing the class teacher before 8.45 am on the morning of the absence.
  • Emailing the Prep Secretary before 8.45am via email:
  • Providing a note explaining the absence to school at the first opportunity upon returning to School. This note should be brought to their teacher.
  • Phoning Nelson College on Tel. 548-3099 ext 828

Leaving School Grounds
Students are not permitted to leave school at any time during the school day without specific permission. It is a Prep and College rule that no pupil leaves the school grounds at lunch time, unless he has the permission of the Head Teacher. A note from home would be expected.


A wide range of activities are available for Prep students, including:

  • Prep Rock Bands
  • Nelsomathix – Maths problem solving team challenge
  • Science Fair projects
  • Otago Problem Solving Challenge – Mathematics
  • Future Problem Solving Competitions
  • Kids Literature Quiz
  • Speech & Debating competition
  • Spelling Bee competition
  • Prep Brass Band & Junior College Brass Band
  • Prep Choir & College Choir
  • Individual/group music tuition in a wide range of instruments
  • Head Boy and Sports Leader positions
  • Head Teacher certificate awards

Prep assemblies are held weekly.


High standards of behaviour and discipline are expected from the boys.

As a minimum, students will:

  • Respect the rights of others and their property
  • Follow the directions and instructions of staff members
  • Treat school property with care

The school has a clearly defined process for dealing with misbehaving students.


The following communication channels are there for the benefit of staff, students and parents:

  • Prep Perspective – This newsletter comes out at the end of each term. It contains an editorial written by the Head Teacher and a variety of dates, articles and work written by students.
  • Class Letters – The main objective of these letters is to communicate to parents the units of work students are studying in English, maths, science, PE, languages and technology.  This information helps parents in assisting their sons with any homework and keeps them informed about what is happening at school.
  • Information Update – This email information update is a very useful tool to keep parents informed of upcoming events at the Prep school.  The ‘Information Update’ email comes out as required, usually on a weekly basis.
  • Parent Teacher Interviews

    See detailed instructions on how to book interviews

    Video: Parents – How to attend appointments over video call – SchoolCloud Parents Evening (

    Appointments will close at 9am on interview days, with no bookings being able to be made after this time. If you have any issues with the booking system please contact Pauline Schurmann (

Dental Clinic
Boys attend the school dentist at:

Nelson Community Oral Health Service,
32 Franklyn Street,
Private Bag 18,
Ph: 03 539 5324

Please phone for an appointment if you have any dental concerns.


Students have regular weekly class visits to the College library for the exchange of books and for research. Students have full use of the College library and can access books during interval and lunchtimes.


We encourage Prep students to participate in musical performance and a number of opportunities are offered at the school.

Boys are able to join the Prep brass band and the Prep choir. No previous experience is needed to join. Instruction is given by experienced music teachers. Boys with previous musical experience also have the opportunity to join the College Junior Brass Band and the College Choir (by audition).

Boys are able to participate in “Prep Rock Band” as an optional activity.

Music tuition is available for a large range of instruments during school time from visiting music teachers. The tutors set their own fees.

Specialist Subjects

Nelson College teachers take Prep students for specialist subjects in French, Japanese, drama, technology, art and music. These subjects are taught in specialist rooms at the College or at Prep. Specialist subjects vary on an annual basis.


Our goal is that the boys enjoy their sport and represent their school with pride. In-house sporting opportunities include the Prep swimming championship, Prep athletics, Prep cross country running, skiing and house sports competitions.

Out of school sports are offered in cricket, softball, volleyball, basketball and touch rugby. Local clubs cater for soccer and rugby.

Other opportunities for involvement in sport exist through involvement in the inter-school sports exchanges and the Winter & Summer Intermediate School’s Sports tournaments. These all take place during school time.


The Prep School organises purchase of all the necessary school stationery, text books. Stationery accounts are added to school fees.


Bell times

Prep follows the same daily timetable as Nelson College with five one-hour periods per day.

Click here for a copy of the Daily Timetable.


Preparatory School students wear the same uniform as Nelson College students. The Prep staff hold high expectations regarding the wearing of this uniform.

Daily uniform

  • College navy jersey and or jacket
  • Grey shorts
  • Pale blue polo shirts
  • Regulation blue socks
  • Black leather lace up shoes (with a small heel) or Black or brown sandals with a back strap or scuffs. Details of the regulation school shoes will be given.

Physical Education/Sports

  • Physical education PE shorts (navy blue)
  • College PE shirt
  • Sports shoes and socks
  • College cap/hat (Compulsory for PE/Sports Days)

NB: No skate shoes are allowed at the Preparatory School and No T-shirts, other than white or navy to be worn under the polo top.