Performing Arts

Performing Arts  // Ngā Toi

Welcome to Nelson College’s vibrant performing arts program, where students can explore a diverse range of musical opportunities. Our flagship ensemble is the award-winning concert band, which showcases the talents of our instrumentalists with performances at both regional and national levels. Led by skilled instructors, students in the concert band hone their skills through rehearsals and performances of a wide range of musical genres.

In addition to the concert band, our program features the Nelson College Choir, a combined choir involving students from Nelson College and Nelson Girls School. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, choir members develop their vocal abilities and perform a varied repertoire of choral music.

Students also have the opportunity to participate in itinerant private music tuition with industry professionals. This program offers personalized instruction in various instruments, emphasizing skill development and musical expression.

For those interested in chamber music, our chamber group provides an opportunity for students to explore ensemble performance and delve into classical repertoire in a smaller, more intimate setting.

Finally, our program supports various rock bands, allowing students to express their creativity and passion for contemporary music through electrifying performances.

Whether students are aspiring instrumentalists, vocalists, or rock musicians, our performing arts program offers a supportive and enriching environment for musical exploration and growth.

Arts Staff

Nathan Munn

Head of Music

Denise Moran

Head of Drama