­­­­­­­The Nelson College Board of Trustees wishes to take the opportunity to congratulate the Nelson College and Nelson College Preparatory School Leadership, Management and Staff on another outstanding year in the service of the social, emotional and educational needs of over 1200 young men in their care.

The College community is very fortunate to have witnessed the evolution of these two schools into nationally recognised leaders in holistic, moral and ethical education.   That the College continues to put the welfare of boys at the forefront of its decision making, even under significant unwarranted and self-interested pressure, is to be commended and the Leadership and Management of the College retains the unqualified support of the Board.

This concluding paragraph from the 2016 Education Review Office Report expresses our feelings as a Board and we are proud to be associated with such fine schools.

“Nelson College is a high-performing boys’ school with traditions. Boys show a strong sense of belonging and pride. They achieve very well in their learning and in sporting and cultural activities. Teachers take many innovative approaches, providing responsive learning opportunities that engage boys well in their learning.”

 “Strong, visionary professional leadership provides a highly inclusive environment for the increasingly diverse range of students.”

Dennis Christian