Congratulations to our 2020 students who excelled themselves in NCEA. We recognised Academic Colours at our formal Wednesday assembly this week.  A really important occasion to celebrate their hard work after such a disruptive academic year in 2020.  Congratulations to all those students who achieved Nelson College Academic Colours.


Level One Colours – NCEA Level 1 Endorsed with Excellence

Tom Carrington, Sameep Dahal, Michael Deans, Connor Eden, Benjamin Forbes Moody, Buster George, Freddy Griffiths, Angus Hellyer, Lucca Hemingway, Charlie Hobbs, Wescott Lee, Sean Lee-Westerson, Benji Mansfield, Ewan Mullett, Jack Murdoch, Sam Newson, Ben Palmer, Marcus Pattullo, Liam Peters, Marko Petterson, Tom Porter, Jordan Smith, Sam Twamley, Tristan Vadura-Lane, Jack Weaver, Samuel White

Level One Colours – NCEA Level 2 Endorsed with Merit

Hunter Adams, Joshua Amyes, Moss Cattell, James Coles, Elliot Corbin, Daniel Dadds, Zack Dancey, William Daniell, Alex Donnelly, Tim Douglas, Sam Foley, Daniel Franklin, Kobi Furniss, Zandi Galpin, Riley Gane, Billy Goble, Jonathan Gould, Nic Hall, Oliver Handforth, Ben Hiatt, Henri Hufflett, Henry Huynh, Ollie Inch, WooSeok Jang, Israel King, Yuki Kubota, Michael Lauer, Josh Lawson, Jack MacNeil, Mats Muche, Matt Newcombe, Lianchin Nitlungcin, Rory Pini-Hall, Sam Portsmouth, Ollie Ransom, Louis Rowell-Williams, Rhys Sharland, Hunter Sharp, Fin Slack, Zavier Spooner, Wil Thornalley, Bawi Tlumang, Michael Trolove, Billy Twamley, Samuel Twose, Theo Wheatley

Level Two – NCEA Level 2 Endorsed with Excellence

Oxford Bayley, Daniel Culverwell, Jack Deans, Caleb Eason, Salvi Esposito, Rico Fraser, Fergus Goodall Smith, Louis Hobson, Jayden Houghton, Christian King, Kaio Lart, Reuben Lile, Zoltan McComb, Tim McIlroy, Robbie McIntosh, Abel McNabb, Ben Mercer, Flynn Mercer, Jack Morris, Hiro Nagahama-Sequera, Gianni Pessione, Nico Sowery, Will Trott, Lukas Turner